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Nutrition Essentials for Love

The first step of my five-step make up program consists of understanding why your relationship derailed.  In this step I describe the Relationship Essentials Nutrients that all relationships need to survive.  With this understanding, you will know exactly what you need to do and say to your ex in order to motivate him to come back to you and stay for a lifetime.
The second step explains why giving yourself and your ex some space is vital to getting back togeather.  You cannot reconcile until the dust has settled.
The third step, Lick Your Wounds, explains how to heal your body, mind and soul from the injury you suffered from the break up.  The healing steps I outline will increase what I call your Personal Net Worth.  Completing this step will make  you a healthier and more desirable person, which will improve your chances of reconciling with your ex.
In the next step, Taking Stock, I guide you to evaluate yourself, your ex and your relationship.  This evaluation will give you a clear understanding of your own role in the break up and what you need to improve within yourself.  In this step, I also help you to examine your ex’s role in the break up and whether he is ready for a relationship.
Lastly, I help you make a complete assessment of your relationship, including studying your level of compatibility and examining whether your ex is truly an ideal partner for you.  This information will be essential in helping  you insure that getting back together is the right decision. If you do decide to reconcile, the knowledge gained in this step will help you and your ex not fall into the same traps in the future.
Last, but not least, step five guides you, step-by-step, on how to handle the conciliation process, from initial contact to the finish line.  So without further ado, lets roll up our sleeves and get down to the business of getting your ex back together!
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